My story

mattI’ve always had a deep love for women, ever since I was a child. always saying to myself that “I’m sure I will be able to get a girlfriend, I just don’t fancy one right now.” This went on for several years until eventually I realised that I was terrible with girls. My only girlfriend up until my late teens lasted 6 days. I hated myself. I honestly thought I was the ugliest man alive and never thought I would have sex, let alone find my dream girl.

After reading the book “The Game” I realised that I could actually improve this area of my life and was determined to make up for lost time and went into massive overdrive into making myself more attractive, more charismatic and more resilient to setbacks and negative comments (I was being bullied at this point about my nose, acne and the fact I was a virgin.)

I started experientially. trial & error, mainly in nightclubs with no success whatsoever and started to read about people doing it in the daytime, so thought I would have a crack at that. I went to London and threw myself into the world of daygame, doing it over & over again. Often challenging a lot of deep rooted insecurities and often on the brink of giving it up because of the painful lows that came with it.

matt-liveI became good rather quickly though and found I had a natural flair for it and then went back to nightgame, where I had unfinished business. My results where always outperforming all of my mates and wings, going on a lot more dates, taking many more to bed and always with a calibre of woman much higher than other peoples’, despite I was only doing a fraction of the approaching they was doing. I later became friends with a few top UK coaches, learning many perspectives on the game and through osmosis, absorbing their vibe & core beliefs. Being around so many industry figures meant I refined my techniques and structure into what it is today, whilst having continuous feedback around anything I did (Which has helped me in being able to pick apart any interaction and point out what you’re doing well and not so well).

I had acheived all that I wanted through “Game” and decided to turn my attention to coaching, initally joining my mate for bootcamps in the summertime. Until Last year, when I was headhunted by (The biggest dating company in Europe) Teaching on their bootcamps and on their “7 Day Mastery Course” something that I still enjoy to this day.

My life is now pretty sweet. I can now get a date as simple as someone picking up milk from the off license. This is total sexual freedom. Meaning I can dip into a relationship if I like or be a very sexually active single person, full of hedonism, it’s my choice. In the last year alone. I have dated & slept with a lawyer, a stripper, an air hostess, an underwear model and a television presenter to name but a few.

​​Why Now?

What I see most companies teach is often weak and sometimes damaging to you. The instructors rarely go for anything that is more attractive than themselves and often care more about whether you had a good time rather than whether you learnt anything of value.

I’ve been asked to join many companies but I still couldn’t bring myself to do it. To be the face of a new company, it just wasn’t what I wanted at the time. I still didn’t believe my game was good enough and never thought people would buy into the fact that such a young guy could be an authority in your dating life.

I inched myself slowly into teaching. I sat down with my friend & wing Lee and decoded everything I knew about game,seduction and women and used it as my “seduction Cookbook” in training guys. I eventually joined, where i’m still not in the limelight but realised I was getting the best feedback internally and getting guys who had paid money before on a different bootcamp only to realise mine was more “To the point” and healthier than training they had already recieved from others.

I still don’t claim to be the best pua out there, I don’t aim to be I truly don’t want to be. Pua’s live great lives on the surface but struggle for anything more. That’s why I changed my teaching over time in how to just be great with women, focusing on feeling whole, not filling the hole. I do however aim to be the best teacher of game you come across, deliver the best possible training you can aquire and radically change you for the better.