If you live in England, you will realise it’s bloody freezing and the thought of spending time outside talking to ladies isn’t as much appealing as it is in the summertime. In the summer. Women are wearing shorts, their wearing low cut tops and seem to be a lot more positive. Whereas in winter. They are wrapped head to toe in, often unsexy clothing. They are invisible to your IOI forcing because of that massive golf umbrella blocking their view and you can’t show your bad boy side as easy because it’s too cold to even think about only wearing your leather jacket.

So should you do daygame in the winter? OFCOURSE!!!

Ladies are still shopping, they are still going to & from work and they still want to meet a guy.

It may be a little bit tougher for you and your state might be much lower from all the lack of Vitamin D but I personally love winter daygame. Most guys simply don’t bother doing it in the winter. Meaning much less chance of a girl saying to you “This is the 5th time someone has said that to me today”

Actionable Tips to get through Winter Daygame

Dress Warm. what you think will keep you warm after a few hours will still start to get through. Add an extra to that-you can always take it off if it’s too much,
More Thermal. Thermal t-shirts are the best if you don’t want to look too padded whilst out. I often wear 2 thermal t-shirts followed by a shirt, maybe a jumper and a coat,
1 hour in, 1 hour out. If you are doing a session with a wing. spend an hour on the streets, then move to a large department store or high street chain,
Take regularly coffee breaks. The cold affects your charisma massively, so 10 minutes here & there do make a big difference, I find,
Eat More. You need to be eating even more than you normally do to keep your energy levels up. Try keeping it protein rich foods, maybe somewhere like “Wholefoods” where you can combine it with tip 3,
Push for the instant date. I often find girls suggest the instant date more in the winter time, so grab it with both hands,
Try Shopping Centres. If you are just used to the street. Try it and push yourself a bit more.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

Much love