When I started learning this stuff, a guy who who me and my wing hung around with asked how I could still perform well on the street with daygame, despite I was always on dates and generally didn’t have much time for mass approaching.

I’ve always believed this and feel it was very true to his question. Cold approach skills alone doesn’t make you great with women. But being great with women does make your cold approaching skills much higher!

I often hear of people who don’t bother trying for an instant date with a gorgeous woman because they want to do more approaching with their wings. One guy in the summer of 2013. Was determined he could rid his AA forever if ever Saturday he approached 100 A DAY!!! It was actually rather amazing to see. This guy standing in Leicester Square opening at least 15 girls per hour. Never really taking a good interaction over the 5 minute mark (Even if she was REALLY into him) his only focus was on the numbers.

Tip 1) When you get a great girl who likes you, capatalise on it.

Instant date her if she has time, try and build a connection or a sort of “Love Bubble” between you two. Try and take her home for goodness sake. Rather than just getting a shaky number.

Tip 2) You learn more about yourself and women by dating than by cold approach.

Date as often as possible. We cold approach so we can get dates and to get laid. Women dress for other women and I do believe, men do pickup for other men. We write lay reports (Which i’m guilty of) We tell our friends of the hot Spanish girl who we got a number off. And that’s fine, sharing with like minded people is a great way to keep us motivated. But don’t lose sight of why you got into this and don’t do it to show off. You can sense from the vibe of some pua’s that they are trying to get one over on girls or prove something. and you know what? GIRLS CAN TOO. Have a love for women, love spending time with them.

Tip 3) Escalate it up.

On a date/in the club. it’s often you that prevents yourself from taking her home that night. Most guys shoot themselves in the foot often not wanting to push things too fast for fear of rejection. And then wonder, why she won’t text back or doesn’t want to see you anymore. Yopu approached her in this confident/sexually charged manner (I hope) but you are not being congruent with that and she scarpers.

-If you’re just getting numbers, try going on an instant date.

-If you’re getting instant dates, try bouncing her to a new venue (A bar preferably)

-If you’re getting futher than this, you need to try and start taking her home or back to her’s.

Spending time with women is our goal and makes us better at game. Let’s leave the 10 hour daygame sessions to the beginners & chodes.

Much Love