This is a common question that I recieve and it’s one that can be argued both ways, often by idiots without any skill in seduction at all. But here is my two cents on the matter, for what it’s worth. Yes. Looks do matter do matter to a certain extent.

If you are tall, dark and handsome. You are obviously going to get a much easier ride than the pot bellied, short Millhouse lookalike

But what people fail to realise is that being bad looking is a CHOICE!!!

You can’t make your jaw line any better or your nose smaller (Without surgery) But you can very easily improve your fashion, your hair style and your teeth for very little money.

You could go to the gym, play around with stubble or go for the “In” thing at the moment of beard. This won’t suddenly make you George Clooney but if this improves your chances with the opposite sex, even by only a few percent. Why would you not do it?

Most people just accept their body is less than average, pasty, and have always had that complexion but wonder why they aren’t able to get anything above 7.

You need to sort yourself out. You attract what you are!

So get working on making yourself that attractive man and obviously it will be a lot easier to meet & seduce that attractive woman.

Thing’s I worked on

  • My body. I have still occasionally border on “Skinny” but most the time, have a great swimmers build that women love much more than the huge, jacked guy,
  • My teeth. My teeth were terrible when I started this due to too much tea drinking. So I simply cut it out of my diet,
  • Fashion. This one took me a very long time to figure out. Often wearing clothes that was WAY too baggy. Making me look like a character from a American 90’s sitcom,
  • My Spots. I took roaccutane for 6 months to clear myself of my acne & greasy skin. It left my skin very dry and sensitive for awhile but did the trick,
  • My posture. I’m a tall guy, so this was something that used to really trouble me and made me look very unconfident & weak.

This was just a few of the thing’s that I got to work on to get me started, there are a whole host of others in play.

This isn’t me saying that game is only for the good looking though or that you have to be your absolute 10 before you start railing those hotties, not true. But you do want to make this game thing as easy for yourself as possible.

Much love