A “Superdate” is sexually charged date, where there is little of “Are we right for each other type behaviour” that normally occurs on a first date.

Now this does put you more into lover territory than potential boyfriend material but knowing a date is very much likely going to end up in sex makes you much more relaxed and means you can enjoy it much more.


How To set one up

1.Firstly your approach has to have some form of sexual tension involved with you two for this to work. This will be be another blog post for another time but there can be no mistake, she has to know your intentions with her.

2. Often text game is advised to be very simple and should be used as the bridge to get them out but I feel people are missing a trick in that they are not using it to screen even more how well the girl is into you.

3.Keep it flirty, fun, sexual and not too much

4. This wont work on EVERY girl but it’s great to test the water with a one or two of these comments to see how she responds to it, if it’s good carry on, if not go back to normal stuff.

blog_girl_02 blog_girl_03 blog_girl_04 blog_girl_05


I have hidden the girls name for privacy reasons but let’s have a look at what i’m doing.

Screenshot 1: Humourus message relating back to how we met. Always try and avoid the standard texts of “Hey, how are you?” and then in my next message I accuse of

chatting me up. it shows I don’t mind a bit of self amusement and sticks with the flirtatious vibe.

Screenshot 2: This girl is not saying “No to my flirting by any stretch, which means you can still ramp it up.

Screenshot 3: I go for my opinion on sex text. I don’t just say “Do you prefer sex or Shoes” as there would be no reason (Except a horny man) to ask that, so I justify it a little by saying “That’s what you ask girls”, she then responds with a green light but saying “Good food or good sex?” The amber light has now turned to green with her asking me about sex.

As soon as she turns green I indicate to myself that it is us that we compare and then I start to back away a little with humour. saying “I really love my food” etc

And at the end I do show some honesty and that i’m a normal guy as well by saying that I do want to take her out properly.

So, quick tips to take from that so you can up your own.

1. Never be too full on, weave in & out of sexiness, playful and real texts

2. If she gives an amber or green light, keep going (If it’s red, resort back to standard texts)

3. Don’t over play it. Doing this for weeks on end is a terrible idea. it should be a short/medium time of passion & excitement. (An escape almost)

4. If you do this and it comes off well. DONT be all smart and quirky with your dates. If you’re thinking about the tea rooms and some scones, you have a lot to learn. Think a bar near yours or hers. You don’t need to impress her or get her attracted to you. You just need to lead

Much Love