I had a student today who had this problem, so will explain it and go into some detail about it.

Most guys who give this stuff a try and get to the point where they can talk to women comfortably , always struggle to take it to the next level in which they turn those leads into girls they could have sex with.

They are always very charismatic and have stopped the nasty habit of being overly nice.

They get phone numbers and appear very confident, they may even have a few guys look up to them as a mentor.

But yet, they’re not getting laid from these approaches they are doing. Why?

I believe that they lack the intent and sexual energy that comes not from just being charismatic but by having that underlying masculinity and sexual desire that you need to express to a woman.

I will go into how to increase your sexual energy in another post but I wanto focus on the intent and masculinty today.

So first off. From now on focus more on how you can create sexual tension in the interaction from that push/pull and saying they look bloody French

1.Stand closer…..You AT LEAST want to be an arms length distance. I say at least because the closer you can get the better. it really does make the interaction a lot more sexual. If we was just inches away from another man’s face it would be considered a threat/tension with possible physical violence….but with a woman it’s really considered just tension, sexual tension

2. Eyes. Focus on one eye when talking to the girl and smirk when talking it really does make a huge impact focusing on eye. you can often see them dillate or see the spazz out of control sometimes

3. When you shake their hand, hold it until they let go. it shows more intent and is a great compliance test. if a girl really is in to you, she sometimes can hold your hand for the entire interaction

4. Give a compliment that is fitting to them. saying they look “Nice” isn’t really going to blow them away is it. The more specific the better.

5. Realise women want to be seduced, not every woman you approach that night/day and probably not by you (Most women just won’t be in to you) But some will and want you to be a man when you talk to her!

This scene above best shows the eyes, proximity, smirk and intent… Clooney has game!!!

Matt Eastwood