The I was walking down Oxford Street for the billionth time last month. when it struck me. I’m rather bored of this. You could argue it’s just the street and that teaching in the West end so much has made it monotonous for me but it started to bring me down and has made me doing any daygame a chore than an exciting prospect.

You may of had this yourself if you do daygame or nightgame for awhile. The same bars, the same openers, same wings, same Pret a Manger sandwich everytime you go out. Doing the same thing over & over again has been proven to stifle creativity, which is a very attractive trait to display whilst gaming.

Some things to help you get out of this rut, which I found is…

1. Step back, don’t do anything game related (Except date women) I found when I was in a revolution phase, that just approaching when I don’t want to was like trying to run with a sprained ankle. It just makes matters worse. The magic does always come back. Focus on other areas of your life. Such as:

-A hobby you want to take up
-Reconnecting with Old Friends
-Taking a road trip with some buddies
-The Gym
-Reading/watching something new

The list goes on. You decide what you want to do. Me personally I am currently ramping up my nightgame coaching, working on my writing (Including my first game related book) = Career. Moving house, dating a few girls, meditating and reading a lot. These things right now are making me quite content (Except moving house, which in London is horrible)

2. Move areas

Bored of Oxford Street?, try South Kensington, try Notting Hill or Shoreditch on Saturdays. In the week check out Liverpool Street or Canary Wharf. Just mixing it up a bit can give you a new sense of energy towards it. This also includes trying it abroad. Easyjet & Ryanair have it made it so cheap to just hop on a plane and be on the beaches of spain doing some bar game for less than a nightout.

In terms of gym anology. A muscle can be over trained which caused regression. Having some rest is good for your hams & Biceps, I think you will find it will do wonders for your game too.