Sometimes you get so bogged down in game theory on what to say & do that you miss of some very vital elements. This was the case for a student of mine the other night, so thought I would write a few things that you need to make strong if you are going to have a great base for the other stuff.

So back to my student. He was very much into the theory and was telling me a lot about DHV stories he created and had a very strong understanding of push/pull. But when we to the first bar he was making some very basic mistakes. Here they are:

1. Eye Contact. This will always be number 1 in my opinion for setting the interaction on a seductive note and making you have a lot more impact in your approaches. Eye contact shows trust, confidence and gets the other persons heartbeat racing a bit more through tension, so it is a key in determining your approach. Watch George Clooney or Johnny Depp to learn about seductive eye contact

2. Self Amusment. A man who self amuses around a hot girl especially, is a man who doesn’t give too much of a toss what she thinks. So, self amusment is a great sign of self confidence. It also displays what kind of guy you will be. If you are Mr Dull talking about boring subjects with no passion-you will get a few minutes max before she sees another dude and wants to talk to him to get away from you

3.Voice. This is definitely the most common bad habits among students that I get and it’s big reason as to why women won’t talk to you. Back to confidence, if you are mumbling or are quieter than a doormouse what are telegraphing to that woman? I always recommend nightgame for students with a quieter voice to get them used to talking in a loud enviroment. If the problem doesn’t go away for you though with concious effort, you may need to see a specialist voice coach

They sound pretty basic,right? Well they are the fundamentals for making a strong impact in your approach.

Much Love
Matt Eastwood