Firstly merry xmas . Tis the time to be jolly, rejoice and be reflective before making those big 2016 resolutions.

I came back home to my hometown the other day in Norfolk and it made me realise how much all of us has changed in the last year/few years. I have been regaling stories of the past with old friends, checking up on how my niece & nephew are doing and watching family films with a girl I used to date awhile back. and honestly my vibe has NEVER been stronger.

I am walking down the high street and am getting IOI’s off of everybody (I don’t think King’s Lynn has ever seen an All Saints leather jacket before!) and the reason is because i’m not trying to pull anything right now. In terms of push/pull right now it is completely on push and this is where a lot of guys are missing a trick.

Because although it’s great to go out and practice, work on your charisma and get the reference points of dating hot girls… There comes a point where the other stuff comes in and is just as important.

Imagine, you build a fantastically built house. The outside is simply devine. You have got a balcony, a huge drive way, triple garage, conservatory a fountain at the front and a tennis court

BUT… The inside has got damp, there is mice and you’ve been throwing buckets of water down the toilet as the water pressure is but a small trickle.

You would suddenly have doubts about buying that house and certainly be annoyed that it didn’t live up to it’s potential.

Can you see my point?

I’ve never been one to go out everyday to game. Even experienced puas like Krauser & bodi admit that other areas of your life slide when you are putting SO much attention on aquiring. I prefer to build my brand working amongst other companies, reading books, meditating, going to the gym (This one hasn’t been great lately – as I plateaued on my deadlifts) travelling etc

When you have these things going on in your life. You don’t have to fake being a cool/attractive guy as you already are!! You forget to text back, not because you think it’s best to leave her a day but because your having a night with the boys and you genuinely forgot.

From my time coaching. The #1 thing I would say is a turn off is NEEDINESS. Is sub communicates when you’re on the street, when you’re texting and went your back at her place – so you could do the Tommy gun approach and get numbers everyday to build a spreadsheet of numbers

OR you can do what most “naturals” do… Which is, go out when you only want to and want to have sex and really relish it. Your passion, excitement and authenticity will more than make up for the fact you are a bit rusty

My passion for going back at this again is sky high though – so if anybody has got any cool NYE suggestions/invites I would love to hear them

P.S If you are new – do not make this an excuse!!! This was meant for people who are already at least having the odd bit of sex/intermediates

Much Love and merry xmas
Matt Eastwood